"And so came..."

TRÊS is a tactical RPG for mobile systems, created with touch-screen controls in mind!

Experience the adventures of three heroes, through three episodes in search of three gems!

TRÊS will be available for mobile systems (iOS and Android) soon!

And so came Três!

Three normal people from Earth, stranded on an alien planet.

Three gems of a crown lost, to rule three kingdoms.

Three great evils assail the land. And only Três to save them.

Follow the adventures of Julia, Bob and Lao across multiple episodes, conquer random dungeons using an intuitive magic system and save Tastia and Earth from destruction!

Gesture System

Magic has never been cooler!
Use an innovative gesture-based system to cast spells with ease!

Using mnemonic symbols you will cast Fireball, Heal, Sleep and Meteor, among many others, as easily as drawing symbols on the screen!

Touch to play!
Três does away with on-screen gamepads, using the touch screen exactly as it was meant to when gaming!


Never play the same dungeon twice!
Dungeons are fully randomized in Três! No two games will be the same, you'll feel truly rewarded for your exploration, and never know what's in the next room!

Item Generation System

Experience a deeply rewarding loot system, with literally thousands of possible item combinations.

With a little luck, find epic and unique items!

Customize your chars like crazy!

Explore beautiful scenarios

Play anywhere!

Três will be available soon for Android and iOS.
It will be playable on a broad range of devices.

Other platforms TBD.